Saturday, August 23, 2014

Life Through Instagram - July

"Yesterday at the lake #lakeday #naptime #baileejune"
"Happy Independence Day! #allamericancutie #baileejune"
"She was the perfect baby at the stadium of fire last night. She slept through some of it and loved the fireworks! #baileejune #stadiumoffire #carrieunderwood #july4 #utah"
"One more just because it was so fun! #stadiumoffire #carrieunderwood #baileejune #july4"
"Getting so close! She's been trying to eat her toes all week"
"4 month check up! This was pre shots but she did such a great job and only cried for a little bit. 95th percentile for height and weight. 18 lbs 28 inches."
 "I love those chubby cheeks. #baileejune"
 "Modeling this seriously adorable pencil skirt we won from @handmaid__ends ! Could this be any cuter?"
 "I know that this is an old game and basically everyone has already beat this game...but I finally beat it and I am pretty excited about it. #2048 #finally"
 "This went straight for my eye ... and got every where else. Luckily I closed my mouth in time. Then we started laughing. #gross #spitup"
 "#baileejune #5months"
 "She is arching her back and making that face trying to get out of her car seat. She can keep those cheeks and I won't mind. :)"

 "Fun date night with my love. Thanks for watching Bailee @gmatx and @rachelrabbit99"
 "#baileejune #thosecheeks #sokissable #selfiesunday"
" #teethingsucks #overtiredbaby #stillcute"
"I am one lucky momma #runningbuddy"
"She started out in the middle of that mat. We are almost to the point that I can't leave her in the room...#rollingmachine"
 4 years with this hunk and eternity to go. I love you @mkjackman ! #happyanniversary #4years #tbt"

Life Through Instagram - June

"Loving playing with new toys in Texas."
"Getting some sun while Bailee is asleep. Hoping to finally be tan after this summer for the first time since high school." - that didn't happen
"I love my happy bald girl! #sheloveshergrandpa"
"She was literally like this the entire run #30minutes #crazygirl"
"So glad that I got to see @sometimescreative while she was in town! Thanks for inviting me to lunch! #lovetheseladies #bluefish #igotchickensalad #regram"
"I think she has a favorite blankie. She calmed down after I rubbed the soft blanket on her sweet cheeks and she is holding so tight to the taggie on it. #favoriteblankie" - we ended up losing that blankie while visiting in Utah  :(
"Hopefully I will get to see this girl a lot more this summer. We are finally living in the same state after 10 years. #bff #friendsfor25years #texas"
"Beautiful fields of sunflowers on our way to Austin. #sunflowersfordays #beautiful #texas"
"#sunflowersfordays #beautiful #texas"
"Best friends take naps together." 
 "I'm so glad my best friend from college came to Austin so I could see her and our daughters could meet! #sweetbabygirls #bff"
 "Just watching some soccer with daddy. #daddytime #soccer #usa"
 "She got a new headband today and I am in love with it! There is no such thing as too many headbands and bows. #emajanedesigns"
 "Going swimming in our matching bathing suits and cool shades"
 "We love morning snuggles!"
 "Happy birthday to my beautiful big sister @janambd I wish I could be there with you. Love you tons!!!"
 "Basically my dad rocks. #nofilterneeded"
 "Just a perfect day for the lake. Not nearly as good as my dad...but I tried."
 "#nomakeup #dontcare #shesmakingmegobald #goodthingsheiscute"
 "I'm sad this picture is blurry...but this cutie pie is 4 months old today! #stopgrowing #baileejune"
 "1 year ago today I found out I was pregnant. It was one of the happiest days of my life and I couldn't be happier to have my little girl in my arms today. I love her more than I ever knew was possible."
 "4 months old! I can't even believe it! She needs to stop growing so fast!"
 "Everyone left us to go eat while we were taking a we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather. Plus I am having fun taking pictures with my sweet new phone. #samsunggalaxys5 #happyanniversarytome #amonthearly #baileejune"
 "I love sundays because I get to dress up this pretty girl. #sundaybest #baileejune"
 "#justbecause #mybestfriend #baileejune ♡♡♡"
 "#lakeday #baileejune"
 "I am so glad that I got to see you today @carissabird and sweet saige! Love you tons!"

4 months old! - June 24, 2014

We moved to Texas for the summer, so we didn't have the same chair and rug for pictures, but these will work just fine!  You get the idea - she is growing so fast!